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Alyce Paris

prom - cocktail - pageants - evening gowns

long & short dresses

sizes 000-24

Alyce Paris is a fashion forward line designed to make you feel like your most beautiful self as you captivate the attention of everyone at the party, prom, or special occasion! These dresses are known for their meticulous attention to construction and an expert eye for detail with their vibrant colors, unique cutouts and necklines, dazzling sequins, beading and floral appliques. You will feel confident AND feel comfortable in one of these stunning Alyce dresses!

The images shown below are for reference only of some of the styles and colors we ordered. Many styles will come in a variety of colors not shown below or be shown in an alternative color. They are not guaranteed nor necessarily reflect what is in stock when you visit.

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long dresses

long dresses

prom- pageants- evening gowns

short dresses

short dresses

homecoming - cocktail - party- pageants

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